Halvard Johnson

Contra mundum--yes, well, weren’t we all
in those days. A thick shake, along with fries
and a burger, was enough to get us out
on the streets, agitating, waving placards,

daring the pigs to come get us. We’d argue
until dawn, then a half-hour nap before
going to work, eyes red and brains glazed
over. Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve never

misused the workplace for my own ends.
High-octane memories cloud my views
of reality. You know, I know you do.
The part of my brain for solving ethical

problems has long been off-limits to any-
one with anything to sell, rent, or lease.


Nothing what it seemed. Sun, a giant slug
creeping all day across the roof.
Swelling sea, lizard on wall.
Eye, spy.