Vol. III, No. 2 Spring/Summer, 2000

Robert Lietz
from Memorial Day

David Hopes
On the Feast of Brigid of Kildare

Ana Doina
Ubi patria - a prophesy before exile

Linda Sue Grimes
Good Poetry/Bad Poetry or My Poem/Your Poem
My Son, My Dissident

Jonathan Alexander
Dear Sapphire
Bell City

Paul Sampson
Farm to Market Road 429
Barn Swallows Feeding on a Windy Evening

Marcia L. Hurlow
Cows, 7 a.m.

Meta Marie Griffin
Making Love Before Alleged Armageddon

J. Kevin Wolfe
Picasso's Dora Maar and the Village Idiot
the prospective model



Lynda Schor
Failure of Vision

Gail Siegel
Prologue: Pavlov, from Sparta to Elroy

Carole Rosenthal

Bio Notes