Jessy Randall

The Mysterious Romance Box

You are in the geology rooms
of the Museum of Natural History
with gems all around and the walls
velvet and blue. No, there are no bees in it.
It is an air conditioned place,
small enough to fit two rings.
One ring falls through the other
like a jazz song from seventh grade.



Dream of the Baby

The baby almost
went out with the tide like a shell.
I saved the baby, brought it
to the window, but my boyfriend was below
on the street with some girl,
and she had on a really cool outfit and I knew
I could never compare, and I
stayed with the baby, who now had grown fur

and the other dreams of my dreams
collapsed into this dream, and a great
indifference surrounded me: the baby
could die, so could I, but in
this dream it made no

not because it wasn't real, but
because these were not
the important things
of the world